Do you need to implement a nationwide campaign?

Instalación de objetos como maniquís en las distintas tiendas de moda
Almacenamiento en warehouse de piezas de violines de la marca Hermés

Storage and installation of promotions

The logistical management and storage of promotional material is one of the main factors to take into account when planning our campaigns. For this reason we offer you a high management and storage capacity for your promotional material.
Almacenamiento de torsos de maniquis en nuestra warehouse

Logistics management of point-of-sale material

Your POS advertising material in the exact place on the agreed date.
Forget about all these problems and entrust the management to a company with maximum experience in the management of point-of-sale installations.

PLV advertising material assembly

Planning When planning your POS campaign you should ask yourself the following questions: Where is it going to be installed, will it be set up during the day/night, in what kind of shops, how much does it weigh, what is the budget, when should it be finished?


Once we have attained good planning, and we have selected a company that guarantees and assures us that everything will go as we want… The only thing to remain is to agree the date for your POS campaign, and for it to be a success, not a headache for you.


Is everything set up correctly? When has my campaign been installed? How many incidents have we had?

With the POS Manager solution we can keep you informed in real time about the status of your installations, as well as the pictures or reports using excel.

Seguimiento de la instalación de los escaparates de Stella McCartney

Logistics management specialised in retail and events

Instalaciones y transporte de nuestra empresa Instore en Madrid

National and international PLV distribution

Do you need your brand to have global visibility? We accompany you in the management of your national and international retail campaigns.
Get centralised logistics management and high storage capacity. We have a storage capacity of more than 10,000 m2. We simplify processes to save work and effort.

PLV handling

Do you need to have at your disposal a high capacity for the handling and management of your campaigns? We handle and package POS material for large volumes of shops.
Manipulado de elementos de PLV en un montaje en la tienda de Hermès
Manipulado y embalaje del material PLV para su distribución en el corner de Adidas de El Corte Inglés

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