#UnfoldYourWorld, Samsung's campaign to showcase its new foldable technology

The Challenge

Homogenising the decoration of the shops, shop windows and public events was the idea around which the whole project revolved. To get across the message of the campaign, which was the product they were presenting, #foldable, Samsung’s mobile technology development. The brand had the feeling that customers didn’t associate them with this type of product, hence the importance of branding that: “the mobile that folds is Samsung’s mobile”.

We had to create an impactful event where the brand could present its new foldable devices following the campaign image that had started in retail outlets months before.

The Result

We managed to bring the idea of #UnfoldYourWorld to reality. Both at the point of sale and at the presentation event that took place in the centre of Madrid, each element that we produced and installed followed the design lines set by Samsung.

We created shop-in-shop and window dressing spaces in which the decoration faithfully conveyed the idea of flexibility, the main characteristic of their new models, thanks to a very careful origami work. In the same way, for the event in the Plaza de Callao, contortionism was chosen as a metaphor.

Logo Samsung

Shaping creativity

When we took on the project that the Cheil Worldwide agency put on the table, there were many doubts.

We were helped by the tranquillity of the summer season and the fact that we had very clear design guidelines from the marketing department that was leading the project.

At INSTORE we received the 3D designs with an explanation of the materials and technical data required and we took care of the adaptation, in order to create a production that was as close as possible to the design, advising at all times on the most suitable materials.

We had to redesign the final artwork for both the shop windows and the points of sale, and also at the time of the event, in order to meet the objectives set by Samsung for this campaign.

The development

Our goal: to impress the end customer

Our carpentry, locksmithing and graphic production departments got down to work in order to have the decoration of the points of sale and the window dressing to be installed in each chosen space in time. We began with the development of the origami animal prototypes that would later be the protagonists of all the points of sale where the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G foldable devices were presented. Cranes, swans, frogs and giraffes in a multitude of sizes were made of paper and cardboard, without forgetting the carpentry and locksmith work that was essential to install each element.
“Perfect finishes, handcrafted workmanship”
In shops and shop windows we have to highlight, together with the decoration, the displays, urns and totems that are fundamental for displaying the product. Each element is important, hence the care in its elaboration and the taste for detail, everything adds up to impress the end customer.

The event

And of course, any campaign that really wants to have a direct impact on its target audience has to take to the streets.

On 6 September, Samsung presented its new foldable smartphone models, choosing the centrally located Plaza de Callao in Madrid to do so.

A live contortionist show with synchronised screens was also broadcast on the brand’s social networks.

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Essential keys to this project



Had it not been for the level of involvement of each department and the teamwork, this project would not have been as successful as desired. INSTORE and Cheil Worldwide joined forces from the very beginning so that the creativity of the design was brought to reality with the production and installation of the elements. The graphic production, carpentry and locksmithing departments were merged into one when it came to creating the final selected adaptations.


Escaparates de papel

One of the parts of this campaign were the points of sale and shop windows where the product was to be marketed. For the decoration, a world of origami was created in which animals were the protagonists, origami that simulated the flexibility of the materials, as well as the new Samsung models, flexible and foldable.

Specialists in cardboarding, die-cutting, vinyl, direct printing and folding were able to perform this work by hand.


Ephemeral installations

One of the most difficult challenges to overcome was the installation of each part of the campaign. The points of sale could not be modified, we had to create an ephemeral and non-invasive shop-in-shop, not altering the spaces was fundamental, so each element was installed without damaging the locations and with the utmost care. On the other hand, the installation on the day of the event had an added difficulty, the unevenness of the floor. Our teams of locksmiths and carpenters had to create a platform on which to fix the column – stage so that the show could take place as safely as possible.




The event developed as the final touch of the campaign had to continue with the main idea of the whole project. To make the brand’s customers see and feel that its new phone models were unique and different, and that they provided an extra originality and innovation by being #foldable. For this reason, a live contortionist show was chosen to convey the campaign claim: #UnfoldYourWorld.


A synchronised event

360º event. Simulating an advertising column in which the protagonists came to life, a group of contortionists recreated incredible postures to show live the multiple possibilities offered by the new foldable smartphones. A show synchronised with all the giant screens in Plaza de Callao and at the same time broadcast on their social networks. An example of immersive experience that positions Samsung as a benchmark in the sector.


Internalising the brand message

One of the keys to the success of this project was the global vision of the project. Being able to work from the ground up, to know each design, to understand what the brand wants to convey to its public is fundamental for developing a project of this type. INSTORE had the message so internalised that it knew perfectly how to transmit it, what materials to choose, the finishes to achieve so that Samsung could make an impact on its potential clients.

“A 360º event, an immersive experience”

The outcome

How to showcase a new product in an impactful way?

We are at a time when brands have resumed their campaigns, the production of events is starting up again, as are point-of-sale promotions. Consumption is improving and with it the possibilities for brands to invest in marketing and communication projects. The best way to reach the end customer is to provide experiences that make them loyal to the brand.

Samsung achieved this with the presentation of the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, a unique experience that started in shops and ended in the centre of Madrid.

If we had to choose between the elements created, we would undoubtedly choose the stage-column made especially for the event.

A column reminiscent of an advertising totem, 5 metres high, made of wood and metal, with backlighting at the top to highlight the brand logo and LED strip lighting on the outside surrounding the artists. It served as the stage for the different contortionist shows and was the centre of attention, attracting all the attention of the public who came to Plaza de Callao.