The immersive Pop up "Jimmy Choo x Crosby Studios" in the heart of Paris

The challenge Within the framework of Paris Fashion Week, Jimmy Choo wants to present a surprising new Pop-up that breaks the mold. For this ambitious project, the firm chooses renowned designer Harry Nuriev, director and founder of Crosby Studios, who, inspired by the famous oyster-colored shoe box, iconic of Jimmy Choo, manages to develop a unique immersive experience on Avenue Montaigne, 34 Paris. We face the challenge of giving life to a very complex design, in which every centimeter of decoration is crucial for the result to be the desired one, an infinite and secret showroom that goes beyond the commercial.

The result

We were able to materialize the project impeccably, following at all times the design lines set by Crosby Studios and the brand. Using high quality materials, equipped with essential characteristics to achieve the intended effect in the space and generating a precise installation of each element, we achieve the desired result.

Creating an immersive Pop up that generates this level of empathy with the customer, Jimmy Choo merges perfectly with the Parisian aesthetic, positioning a three-month ephemeral space in the center of Paris.


A great creative bet

Fusing art, design, architecture and fashion are characteristics in all the creations of Crosby Studios NYC. The Jimmy Choo brand, aware that what it wants is to innovate, puts itself in its hands with this project and manages to leave aside traditional sales and offer something very different, an immersion in a surprising warehouse, full of luxury, where gold It floods the room and the mirrors create infinite sensations.

From the facade of the store to the secret area where the items for sale to the public are, everything has been designed, produced and installed with a high level of care and attention to detail.

Pop up store de Jimmy Choo x Crosby Studios en París. Espacio cápsula.

The development

Strategy behind a unique Pop up design

Every detail of this project has been meticulously considered. An immersive design that provides a guided and surprising shopping experience to the customer. The games of reflections, achieved with materials such as gold Dibond, used on the floor, ceiling and walls, evoke the golden details characteristic of Parisian architecture. The placement of mirrors to create the infinity effect, the walls formed by the firm’s iconic box, the gold-covered benches and strategically installed lighting are the basis of the concept.

Pop up store de Jimmy Choo x Crosby Studios en París. Pasillo dorado.
Pop up store de Jimmy Choo x Crosby Studios en París. Espacio cápsula.
Jimmy Choo pop-up store París, instalación dibond espejo

Harry Nuriev, inspired by Jimmy Choo’s famous oyster-colored shoe box, decided to give this element a fundamental role. More than 1000 reinforced boxes with a wooden structure have been necessary to create the walls of the capsule space within the Pop up.

Pop up store de Jimmy Choo x Crosby Studios en París. Instalación.
Pop up store de Jimmy Choo x Crosby Studios en París. Espacio cápsula. Luminaria superior.

A floor-to-ceiling assembly was made with them and they were specially manufactured lined with velvet, each one with a gold plate with a bar code and as a display of the brand’s items, between the boxes golden shelves were installed that give a perfect final finish.

A carpeted sales space, with a large central bench covered in gold fabric, a ceiling light finished with a gold Dibond frame and a decoration with infinity-effect mirrors that highlight the luxury that the brand exudes.

“An exclusive corner in one of the most emblematic cities in the fashion sector”

A highly original facade, we initially had to create a blinded showcase to keep the secret of what was developing inside. A printed vinyl was prepared simulating stacked shoe boxes that attracted a lot of attention and when the project was finished and open to the public, the true showcase was seen consisting of a dynamic light box formed by an LED wall, canvas and with Dibond finishes. brushed. A resource that captivated the gaze of any passer-by and gave way to the first surprise of the Pop up, the Gold room, a completely golden hallway with a backlit side exhibition niche that ended in a hidden door, a secret entrance to the showroom.

Immersive Pop up Jimmy Choo x Crosby Studios
Jimmy Choo pop-up store París, instalación vinilo fachada.

For three months, the space housed limited edition collector’s items, shoes, bags and accessories, as well as products from new collections. The Pop up opened its doors on September 28, coinciding with the PFW and remained open until the end of December 2023, fulfilling the premise of being an ephemeral project.

Essential keys for project execution


Customer experience

A unique and exclusive customer experience was created through the careful personalization of every detail, giving this space a distinctive and unmatched character.


Dibond gold, protagonist

The choice of Dibond gold turned out to be essential to achieve the desired effects, thanks to this material and its play with the mirrors we managed to obtain reflections in the space in a precise and effective way.


Visual game

This extraordinary design incorporates a unique visual effect, with reflections and symmetries that immerse the client in an immersive experience, making them lose track of time.

Pop up store de Jimmy Choo x Crosby Studios en París. Espacio cápsula. Bancada dorada.


Brilliant strategy to raise brand image

Do you want to be seen? Well it shines. It seems that Jimmy Choo had it clear. The golden tone and the metallic elements that cover this Pop up integrate harmoniously with the architecture and luxury characteristic of Paris, transmitting the values and the most contemporary essence of Jimmy Choo. The unbeatable location, together with the strategic timing of its presence in the city, contributes highly effectively to raising the brand image.


Paris Fashion Week

PFW stands out as a world-renowned event in the field of fashion, attracting thousands of people in search of the most exclusive trends. During the winter months, from September to December, a greater flow of visitors is experienced. It is for this reason that the choice of moment for the presence of this space in the city was unbeatable.


The taste for secrecy, generating expectations

Entering from the street attracted by a dynamic showcase, crossing a golden corridor where the reflections make you lose track of space and entering through a hidden door in a capsule where you buy your new Jimmy Choo is an experience that is difficult to forget.

Pop up store de Jimmy Choo x Crosby Studios en París. Espacio cápsula. Expositores.
Jimmy Choo pop-up store París, instalación dibond espejo.
Jimmy Choo pop-up store París, decoración interior con dibond espejo

“This Pop up has created a totally new narrative for customers”

Jimmy Choo pop-up store París cajas exclusivas con chapas personalizadas


A result that evokes exclusivity

At INSTORE we have been in charge of adapting the designs, producing each element of the pop up and installing them in Paris. An intense job, carried out in three and a half days by a team of professionals who were able to convert 33 m2 into a space of sensations.
Transforming something functional into something unexpected that surprises the customer is what brands like Jimmy Choo seek with temporary Pop-ups, in which a striking design is combined with spectacular implementation and finishes, creating unique experiences for customers.
Pop up store de Jimmy Choo x Crosby Studios en París. Espacio cápsula. Luminaria superior.

Harry Nuriev, inspirado en la famosa caja de zapatos de color ostra de Jimmy Choo, decidió darle a este elemento un papel fundamental. Más de 1000 cajas reforzadas con estructura de madera han sido necesarias para crear los muros del espacio cápsula dentro del Pop up.