Room Decoration for the "Cómplices de Mahou" Concerts

The Challenge

Our objective was to personalise each venue chosen for the concerts of the tour in record time. The common aesthetics and brand image were one of the fundamental pillars of the “Cómplices de Mahou” campaign. Replicating and personalising each space with the decorative elements designed and produced with the specific spaces in mind was an essential task that made no sense if we did not achieve a timely installation. Everything had to be perfectly finished before each concert, otherwise our work would be in vain.

The result

The complete decoration of each venue was carried out in compliance with the needs of personalisation, branding and delivery times imposed by the brand. A priority was to carry out the production and installation respecting at all times the spaces in which the concerts were held; all the decoration had to be ephemeral, we did not modify or damage the appearance of the venues. The quality of the result, the success of the campaign on a national level, its wide diffusion and the positive impact on its clients made this project one of the most recognised.

Mahou blanco

A unique experience

When a brand like Mahou has a commercial campaign as innovative as “Cómplices de Mahou” in its hands, every detail matters, the image given of the brand is fundamental as well as the experience offered to the end consumer. If this type of advertising works, the brand will be strengthened and customer loyalty will increase by 100%. Based on these statements, we were very aware of the importance of this project for both the agency and the brand, and we were aware of the level of demand we were going to be exposed to.
In order to adapt the design correctly, the first thing we focused on was to respect the personalisation that had been planned for each element in each specific space. The creation of a correct planimetry of the venues selected for each concert of the tour was the first step of this great project.

Impresión gráfica de gran formato para el evento Cómplices de Mahou
The development

Building customer loyalty

Elements that would be itinerant and others that would be totally ephemeral were made in wood and metal in our carpentry and locksmith workshops. We developed, among other pieces, wooden corporeal signs with electrical installation for lighting with bulbs, methacrylate information panels with interchangeable letters, wooden and vinyl signage on aged iron posts and decorations for the ambience of the premises.

Letras corpóreas en madera con bombillas de luz para el evento Cómplices de Mahou
Fabricación de letras corpóreas en madera para el evento Cómplices de Mahou
Estructura metálica con una caja de luz para el evento Cómplices de Mahou
“Itinerant elements and others totally ephemeral”
Vinilo impreso de gran formato para el evento Cómplices de Mahou

In addition, we cannot forget the importance given in this project to the graphic production materials, so necessary to achieve an impressive visual communication. Large-format printed canvases, posters, photocalls, decorative back panels and a wide variety of printed vinyls gave the final touch to the decoration of the venues where the concerts of the Tour were to be held.

Impresion de un vinilo de gran formato para el evento Cómplices de Mahou
Keys to the “Cómplices de Mahou” Tour


One artist, one concept, one brand

Each artist is unique and is chosen by the brand to be its ambassador, the scenography, staging and decoration could not be less, they had to be at the height of each concert.


Time flies

Managing, coordinating and arriving on time to respect the dates of a tour that once it starts cannot have any stoppage was fundamental to the success of this project.


Quality materials

Selecting high quality materials was one of the keys that allowed us to create itinerant decorative elements that could move from room to room without alterations and arrive at the end of the Tour with the same appearance as when it began.

Detalles metálicos para micrófonos para el evento Cómplices de Mahou


Well-designed installations

In addition to the demands of arriving on time and having everything ready before each concert, we also had to personalise the decoration according to the characteristics of each venue. We went from using cranes in outdoor installations for large volume elements to creating personalised details with the image of the brand that were included in the decoration.


Respecting the environment

The selection of rooms is one of the tasks defined by the brand and one of our tasks was to create a decoration that was not aggressive and that did not generate any damage during assembly and disassembly


Brand image

A national circuit, with national artists, for a national audience, a unique experience that reinforces the brand image.

Instalación de decoración para el evento Cómplices de Mahou
Fabricación de una lona digital impresa para el evento Cómplices de Mahou
Estructura metálica con luces y vinilo para el evento Cómplices de Mahou
“Quality materials for a perfect event”
Producción e impresión de lonas de gran formato para el evento Cómplices de Mahou

The outcome

A satisfied client is the best recognition

Thanks to teamwork and a perfect connection between the brand, the creative agency and the production and installation team, we were able to carry out this great project. The “Cómplices de Mahou” Tour was for two consecutive years one of the most successful marketing actions within the Spanish panorama of actions of this type, in which the end consumer is totally involved with a brand.

Fabricación de letras corpóreas de madera para el escenario del evento Cómplices de Mahou