Redistribution and improvement of the Apple Store in France

The challenge

The challenge that the Apple team proposed to us was the redistribution and categorization of the product as well as the improvement of the furniture for an increase in security. The project was carried out in all Apple Stores in France.

The result

We managed to modify part of the furniture and restructure the accessories section more efficiently and clearly. It was possible to improve the exposure of the product and solve a health and safety problem for the client.


More than a store

The Apple Store experience is one of the most outstanding in the world of technology. Since they opened in 2001, these stores have been the perfect place to find a specific model, good advice or just have a fun time testing the different products.

Apple Store is more than a store. The architect Peter Bohlin together with Steve Job himself, came to do something extraordinary, “channel the essence of a brand-product from the design of the store to generate a sense of community, playful shopping, positive social immersion”. People use them to learn about the latest technological trends, to socialize, or even to express their feelings. Undoubtedly, the user experience is prioritized as well as their own interaction. This experience goes hand in hand with its design and aesthetics. Its decoration is minimalist and modern, with simple lines and light colors that create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. In addition, the stores are often filled with natural light thanks to their large windows, which makes them even more attractive.

Instalación de mobiliario Apple para exterior

The development

Product and furniture, the essentials

One of the main attractions of the Apple Store is the accessories section, where you can find a multitude of accessories for devices. However, these corners had too many different types of components, poorly organized and not very visual.
Producción de mobiliario para una tienda Apple
Mobiliario con Iphones para una tienda Apple
Tienda Apple con mobiliario

Our team, together with the guides set by Apple, reorganized the section, classifying the product by families and creating a more visual and striking display. To do this, we distribute the shelves strategically, focusing on the customer experience.

Sección de accesorios de una tienda Apple
The furniture in Apple stores is a fundamental element for the shopping experience of its customers due to its minimalist and modern design. Made mainly of wood and metals, they create a pleasant atmosphere that invites customers to sit down and try the products, however they had a safety problem as there were shelves with sharp peaks.
Producción de mobiliario para una tienda Apple

To solve this problem, the INSTORE locksmith and metal department went to each Apple store to sand each piece of furniture. With the marked specifications of the radii, the shelves were rounded 3 millimeters. The material was matt stainless steel with a brushed effect, to modulate this material it is necessary to carry out a meticulous work by layers: first the devastation is done with a file and then it is refined with different sandpapers and radials to polish the edge and make it perfect.

Reforma para una tienda Apple
The project was coordinated from London and San Francisco through the Dynamic US agency with an international presence. All the Apple Stores in France were worked on, with the transfer of our team to carry out an on-site remodeling at night.
Instalación de una sección de accesorios para una tienda Apple

The keys hidden in the Apple Store


Furniture distribution

Getting the client to circulate through the maximum possible surface unconsciously is the objective, which is why Apple distributes its furniture by creating open spaces strategically.


Product display

Something essential in the sales strategy, if the product is well categorized and ordered, a greater visual order is achieved, making it easier for the customer to find the product.


Store security

Priority so that the consumer feels comfortable walking the aisles. The aim is to provoke in the client the sensation of “nothing bad is going to happen in this space”.

Fachada de una tienda Apple



The products are at hand height, the space between them is enough to interact without stress… everything is calculated in detail so that the customer spends hours in the store.



Simple shops with lots of light. Everything is symmetrical, visual noise is not added, the minimization of elements makes it easy to quickly understand the space.



Design, experience and service come together to make the best of fusions. The brand manages to create a feeling of belonging and bonding with its customers, it not only sells but also evangelizes.

Mobiliario para una tienda Apple
Mobiliario para una tienda Apple en China

“It is not about selling, but about creating a feeling of belonging”

Fachada de una tienda Apple en Madrid


The perfect balance

The furniture redistribution and improvement project was a complete success. With these modifications, the brand’s priorities were highlighted: orderly, symmetrical, simplicity and natural lighting that lead the customer to a state of relaxation, increasing their desire to interact and obtain the product.

Apple stores are perfect from a sensory marketing point of view: experience, merchandising, aesthetics and design come together in perfect balance.

Mobiliario para una tienda Apple en el Passeig de Gracia