Company Policy

E-Commerce Networks S.L, dedicated to point-of-sale promotions and event production, has decided to implement a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 standard to enhance the products and services it provides to its clients.

The Management of E-Commerce Networks S.L views the Quality System as a way to organize the organization’s functioning, built upon fundamental pillars such as the Quality of its products, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the System.

To achieve this, the Quality Management System of E-Commerce Networks S.L is based on:

  • Quality and its improvement are the responsibility of all members of E-Commerce Networks S.L, starting from the top.

  • Quality is achieved by planning, executing, reviewing, and improving the Management System, always considering the organization’s context, both internal and external.

  • Quality is oriented towards the satisfaction of all our customers (and stakeholders), through the commitment of the entire organization to fulfill their needs and requirements, as well as legal and regulatory requirements, and those specific to products and services.

  • Quality is built upon Continuous Improvement of both production processes and service delivery, as well as the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, where error prevention is a fundamental aspect.

  • Quality drives us to pay utmost attention to technological advancements and potential improvements that new technologies might offer us.

  • Quality requires the participation and collaboration of all, therefore, this Policy is disseminated to all personnel of E-Commerce Networks S.L for their awareness and understanding.

For the effective implementation of these principles, support from both the management team and the staff is absolutely essential.