Do you need a change for your brand?

Instalación de gráficas de gran formato y mobiliario para tiendas Nike
Decoración mediante neón flex e hilos de seda en la tienda de Nike

Manufacture of shop fittings and furnishings

A good in-store branding strategy is key to the success of the point of sale.

Improve your brand image to attract and impact your customer.

Production of customised furniture for events, fairs and exhibitions

We advise you to make ephemeral furniture adapted to your needs of budget and time.


Design of projects for point of sale

We analyze your product and your type of store to make different furniture design proposals. Totally adapted to the viability of your project.

We are distinguished by our effort and dedication when it comes to manufacturing decorative elements and furniture with top quality materials and fully guaranteed.

Overnight your shop will have changed. Professional teams will carry out the installation of your projects. The aim is to improve the image of your brand.
Impresión digital de gráficas en gran formato para la decoracion interior del showroom en Madrid de Ralph Lauren
Impresión digital de gráficas en gran formato para la decoracion interior del showroom en Madrid de Ralph Lauren

Make an impact on your customer with a good shop window.

Instalación del escaparate de una tienda de Burberry

Shop window design and visual merchandising

We help you in the management, design and assembly of shop windows.

We offer you our experience and guarantee for all your window dressing projects.

Decoration of shopping centres

The animation and decoration of commercial spaces is essential to generate a positive customer experience.

We design stands, furniture for shopping centres, pop ups and manufacture decorative elements for campaign activation and shop in shop projects.


Design and production of furniture for hotels and restaurants

We carry out and execute projects including furniture design, production and installation for the decoration of bars and restaurants.

Implementation and animation of commercial spaces for brands and projects in the HORECA channel.

Fabricación de vitrinas y expositores para una joyería Rabat

Selected materials

Wood, metal, methacrylate or plastics are the most used materials. Choose from our catalog and create your custom furniture.

We work with top brand materials that guarantee the quality of your project.

Corian, Dibond, 3M, HP, Egger, Plexiglass, Avery, Osram and Philips among others.

Create attractive spaces for your customer

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