Presentation of the new ID4

The Challenge

The challenge we faced was to produce and install one of the events of the year for Volkswagen: the launch of the new ID4. A car that, like the brand, prioritises sustainability.

We had to overcome two major challenges when carrying out this project: meeting the execution and delivery times and safeguarding the safety of the attendees in the face of Covid-19.

The Result

We managed to meet all the client’s requirements in a flawless manner. The attendees felt safe and comfortable, they were able to enjoy the presentation without major inconveniences and live a unique experience..

The venue chosen for the event proved to be the ideal setting, its open areas were perfect for designing a distribution of spaces in which each element was the protagonist and fulfilled its purpose, to inform and present the product, the strategy of direct communication with the client was a success.


A unique event

More than 330 people attended the Green Patio, a building with its own personality in an old, industrial style in the centre of Madrid. The event was arranged differently over three days: press in the morning and two days dedicated to end customers and dealers. All organised to present the new Volkswagen ID.4 as closely as possible, the brand continued to rely on the format of physical events, adapted to the circumstances of the moment. It was decided to go for a very small capacity, with prior appointment, division into groups, marked flows, constant ventilation and antigen testing, thus achieving maximum safety for the guests.

Producción e instalación evento para Volkswagen: el lanzamiento del nuevo ID4
The development

360° production of the event

The exhibition was divided into three floors with a distribution of rooms designed with different objectives in mind.

The large, open-plan main floor was used to display the vehicles, where visitors could discover Volkswagen’s first electric SUV and, thanks to a series of routes led by different modules, attendees were able to learn about the brand’s design and technology.

The decoration of this ground floor and the rest of the spaces located on the upper floors were used by Volkswagen to show in great detail its brand philosophy, the importance they give to climate change, the way they produce their cars and how they work.

Producción gráfica para evento lanzamiento Volkswagen ID4
Elementos personalizados para evento Volkswagen ID4
Decoración cajas de luz evento lanzamiento Volkswagen ID4

“Top quality materials with perfect finishes”

Producción gráfica cartelería e impresión telas backlight

The Way to Zero sustainability zone, the ID school, the We Charge space and the MED platform’s amply covered the brand’s needs in terms of the communication they wanted to have with their customers.

A launch event like this required a careful production and installation work adapted to the needs of the product.

Producción e instalación corpóreos escuela ID evento Volkswagen

The project began with the adaptation of the design offered by Volkswagen. Once this process was completed, INSTORE’s workshops began with the full production of the decoration and furniture needed for the launch event. We focused on the manufacture of elements with top quality materials such as: backlit light boxes, two-sided totems made of wood and PVC, cut vinyl with the brand logo, auxiliary display cases for exhibition, XXL corporeal elements in lacquered wood, aerial graphic elements, a giant cardboard box simulating the recycling elements, a special platform for the placement of vehicles, implementation of screens, etc.

Decoración gráfica lonas backlight XXL evento volkswagen ID4 por INSTORE
Producción e instalación integral de la decoración y mobiliario

All our departments were involved in this project: carpentry, electricity, for the lighting of the elements, locksmithing, necessary for the furniture structures, painting, graphic production for the signage and the printing of the backlight fabrics, a complete team focused on the same project.

Decoración gráfica integral vinilos corte evento Volkswagen ID4

The essential keys to a unique event for volkswagen



Small groups of people with previous appointment, mask, gel, constant ventilation, antigen test, graphic and digital signage elements to ensure the flow and the correct visit. Rigorous measures were taken to ensure the maximum safety of the guests, thus demonstrating that it is possible to hold events without taking risks.



Attendees were registered with an RFID wristband of different colours depending on the group they were in. This identification mechanism allows us to collect data on the attendees which is sent in real time to the CRM: attendance, profile, ratings, purchase intention, most popular models, requested catalogues…



Sustainability is the cornerstone of the Volkswagen Group’s corporate strategy. The new ID4 is committed to sustainable mobility. That is why the event was prepared on the basis of this maxim, including various decorative elements that winked at the brand’s values of a CO2-neutral footprint.

Decoración gráficos de gran formato para evento Volkswagen ID4


Quality of materials

Noble woods, high gloss floorboards, metals, plastics… The materials used were of the highest quality. 

The set design required exact precision in terms of finish and detail.


A building with its own personality

The venue chosen for the event is the last old factory in Madrid, renovated respecting the history of the building. Exposed brick walls and hydraulic tiles give a majestic touch and an industrial style to the space, whilst at the same time respects the environment due to its ecological sustainability.


Perfect results

A clear concept, remarkable decorations, the car and sustainability as protagonists, the perfect combination of design, production and installation gave perfect results. All in all, an unforgettable event for everyone who attended.

Producción elementos metálicos para gráficas doble cara para evento Volkswagen ID4
Producción elementos decorativos personalizados evento Volkswagen ID4
Decoración evento Volkswagen ID4 de elementos gráficos aereos
“An unforgettable event for all attendees”
Decoración gráfica integral cajas XXL evento Volkswagen ID4

The outcome

Quick resolution of problems

Once all the decorative elements had been created, the day before the event our installation team transported each previously dismantled component and once in the building assembled each module. One drawback in the installation itself was the floor. Being an old building it had a lot of cobblestones which caused unevenness. Thanks to the speed of our team we found the perfect solution: we created a 5 metre long, carefully adapted floor. This created a balanced and straight space where the car could rest safely. Volkswagen’s trust and confidence in our work helped us to carry out the production and installation of a very important corporate event for the brand. With it, Volkswagen once again showed the importance it gives to the launches and presentation of its vehicles and how it wants its customers to receive the message that the company wants to get across “Volkswagen way to Zero“.
Producción instalación integral de evento Volkswagen ID4