Pop In Store, impressive events at the point of sale

The challenge

The luxury firm Louis Vuitton wanted to capture its last SS23 show in its boutique on Calle Serrano in Madrid; the INSTORE team made it possible through a Pop In Store with a design that transported the client to that precise moment, the spring/summer show held at Paris Fashion Week that honored the designer Virgil Abloh and all that that this contributed to the history of the brand.

A creative project in which the personalized production of each element is essential to achieve a perfect installation of furniture, decoration and technology.

The result

Using the main references of the Louis Vuitton Men’s SS23 show, the big red balloon and the yellow catwalk, the firm managed to create a visual experience that reinforced its brand image.

Thus, the objective of creating a very striking ephemeral space was achieved that combined perfectly with the decoration of the boutique and was a unique attraction for customers.

Having a Pop In Store with these characteristics makes the brand a leader when it comes to relating to its customers. Louis Vuitton once again becomes a benchmark in the world of fashion and point-of-sale design.


A special inspiration

The men’s fashion show that Louis Vuitton held outside the Louvre to present its SS23 season was the great design reference in this project. The recognition that the firm made to its last creative director, Virgil Abloh, creator of the current style of Louis Vuitton menswear, was the starting point.

The firm wanted to make its audience aware of the importance that this designer has had in the history of Louis Vuitton.

A parade with bright colors and very original shapes that were incorporated into the creative idea to bring the design of the Pop In Store provided by the firm to reality.

The INSTORE team, being aware of the main references of the project and the message that it wanted to convey, was in charge of the design adaptations of each element and its constructive development, the production of all the necessary materials for the different spaces and the installation of furniture, decoration and technology that encompasses this project.

The development

The power of an original design

The creative process began with 2D sketches based on guidelines sent by the firm. Next, the design department presented the client with different ideas and various options regarding the choice of materials, colors, shapes, etc.

The client knew where he wanted to start from but all the construction details had not been defined. After a few days the project became a reality and the idea was embodied in 3D format.

Each element had to be designed for subsequent production with the highest quality.

Producción e instalación de mobiliario personalizado para una pop-up de Louis Vuitton
Lightbox con el logo de la marca para la decoración de una tienda Louis Vuitton

“Every detail counts if you need an unbeatable result”

Instalación y producción de cartelería digital para una tienda Louis Vuitton

The idea was to build each piece taking care of the quality of the finishes without forgetting the need to be able to carry out a quick installation.

Two rooms were established, on the one hand, the ground floor, where a platform and a large balloon were installed, a reference to the Paris parade.

Producción e instalación de estanterías con hierro a modo de andamio
Boutique de Louis Vuitton en Madrid
Producción e instalación de un muro central con pantallas digitales LED para Louis Vuitton

And the first floor, in which the development was much greater. For the central area, a checkerboard-shaped front panel was designed with interspersed screens in which you could enjoy a video of the parade to which the activation referred and a looping, with a mannequin in the center, imitating the catwalk that can be seen. see in the video. The side of the island was decorated with a lightbox with the brand logo and the shelves for displaying the product were covered on the back and iron structures were installed as decorative scaffolding. These two rooms were joined by a yellow vinyl floor that ran along the stairs joining the two floors.

The Pop In was completed with rugs, furniture, display backs and banners distributed throughout the boutique with the same aesthetics, thus creating a common environment that featured this month-long event.

Instalación y producción de cartelería digital para una tienda Louis Vuitton

Wood was used as the main material. It was used on the central wall where the screen was placed and for the yellow looping that was the protagonist of the activation zone, in addition, at the base where the globe was located and for the lining of shelves and furniture. To work this material with the precision and finishes required by the firm, the carpentry team used the numerical control machine and the square saw.

The final appearance was achieved by lacquering the wood in the colors chosen by the firm for the creation of this event.

On the other hand, to produce the balloon, high-density polyurethane-coated porexpan was used to harden it and make the surface as smooth as possible, replicating the balloons that were used in the original Louis Vuitton show in Paris.

Replica del globo del desfile SS23 para Louis Vuitton
Producción e instalación de un globo recubierto de poliuretano para Louis Vuitton

We can also find metal in the shelves and in the iron structures that form decorative scaffolding.

For the finishes, vinyl was used as the main material, laminated for the floor and printed for the covering of furniture and banners.

Estanterías y estructuras de hierro que forman andamios
Instalación en PDV. Campañas Sáfilo. INSTORE
Decoración de estanterías para un evento de Louis Vuitton
Producción e instalación de estanterías para Louis Vuitton

Keys to a Pop In Store that impacts the customer


Unique experiences

Louis Vuitton, like any luxury brand, has its regular customers and others it wants to win over. Offering experiences of this type activates your public and gets new followers, reinforces your brand message, shows that the firm is more than just fashion.


Virgil Abloh​

Virgil Abloh’s legacy was present at the last Louis Vuitton show in Paris, the legacy that the designer has left to the brand is that surreal and fun style that his men’s collection exudes. Following the same line, the catwalk for Fashion Week and the Pop In Store were created in the boutique on Calle Serrano.


Wow effect

Betting on a striking and surprising design in the decoration of the points of sale derived from the design line of the brand’s creations is a wise move. A pleasant surprise for any client. A positive impact that increases engagement and improves the brand image.

Proyecto de innovación en el punto de venta para Louis Vuitton


Digital Signage

An activation project at the point of sale is reinforced if the design includes new technologies.

This Pop In was complemented by the implementation of 50×50 cm LED screens in the central panel, forming a checkerboard-shaped drawing that continues on the floor.

The use of video is fundamental in this project since it reproduces the presentation show of the SS23 collection, transporting the client to that very special moment for the brand.


Brand image

The importance that the brand image has for Louis Vuitton is palpable in actions of this type. The essence of the firm goes through modernity, creative designs, originality and quality.

The hyper-realistic mannequins that the brand uses in all its boutiques, together with the settings where they are placed, as in this case the lopping or next to the gigantic globe on the ground floor, are one more element of that highly recognizable brand image.


Customer connection

The first contact of a luxury fashion brand with its client is the catwalk, the presentation of the new collections goes through different spaces before reaching the store, the secret is to know how to unite all of them, so that the client sees the designs materialized the brand.

Louis Vuitton is a specialist in putting their clothes on the street and making them trend. Generating actions like this Pop In fosters that connection with the client.

Instalación y producción de cartelería digital para una tienda Louis Vuitton
Instalación y producción de cartelería digital para una tienda Louis Vuitton
Maniquís hiperrealistas para la marca Louis Vuitton
Diseño llamativo para un pop-up store de Louis Vuitton
Mobiliario personalizado para una tienda Louis Vuitton

“The freshness of a parade inside a store”

Decoración para un evento de Louis Vuitton en el punto de venta

The Outcome

Brand recognition

One of Louis Vuitton’s successes is in the internationalization of the brand. There is no doubt about the recognition of the firm and its designs, however, the need to show its new creations and to keep the spirit of originality alive. This happens by creating actions like the one we have told you about that connect Paris with Madrid in an instant, that make the public that visits this boutique get involved in the history of the firm, in its trajectory, in the reasons for its designs.

In order to build customer loyalty, experiences must be generated that make them feel that purchasing a certain product has a meaning that is not only aesthetic. The client has to want to buy a brand because he feels represented by it, because his values and those of the brand are aligned. At Louis Vuitton they are specialists in achieving this using tools such as events at the point of sale or Pop In Store.